Why should you upgrade the Electric Panel for your house?Homes or even business owners have a lot of needs and thus need to have an increased number of electrical needs. Some might know, whereas some do not know that they have to upgrade the electrical panel.

What is an Electrical Panel?

Electrical Panel is a hub for the entire house electrical lines in your house and business. It is the central load of the premise that helps in getting back the electricity power back on after the power shuts down. This is an integral part of your house or offices’ electrical capabilities.

Types of Electrical Panels

  • Copper Buss
  • Aluminium Buss

Does the Electrical Panel Size matter?

  • Identifying Equipment
  • Consider the Amperage

Reasons to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

  • Need more room in your panel for additional circuits
  • Wires that are discolored and turned black or brown.
  • Breakers do not trip under a faulty situation.
  • The smell from the burning of the wire from the panel.
  • Discoloring, corrosion, and burning of the bus bars.
  • Smoke out of the electrical panel.
  • Overheating, arcing, and sparking.
  • Sizzling sounds coming out of the electrical panel.
  • No power in the entire building- and every part of the building.
  • Unsafe Federal Pacific Electric needs to be replaced as quickly as possible.
  • The electrical panel is older- more than 25 years- more than the recommended life span for the panels.
  • The electrical panel is all worked up and shows signs of imminent failure and is already failing too quickly.
  • Noticing flickering or dimming lights throughout the business and home.
  • Appliances and electronics on the premises do not last as they should.

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